Our Goal

We acquire digital marketing companies. Let’s discover, together, if what you have built fits with what we are seeking to acquire. Let’s do some discovery, get to know one another, and see if we have reasons to further and deepen our learning.

An initial discussion should take us no more than 10 to 15 minutes to learn if there’s a fit and a desire on both sides for further discovery.

Selling a business is a process

Selling a business is a process, not an event. You figure you are personally worth a few million bucks, but until you sell, where are those millions, exactly…?

Digital Marketing Strategies is managed by Roger Laurendeau, a successful marketing entrepreneur and past corporate executive who has led dozens of digital marketing projects, budgets, teams, and strategies. The representative investments associated with Laurendeau’s engagements measure in the tens of millions of dollars.

Our Story

Roger Laurendeau

Roger Laurendeau

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Roger Laurendeau founded Digital Marketing Strategies (DMS) in 2016 and runs the company’s acquisitions using a decentralized business model.

Laurendeau earned an MBA from Wilfried Laurier University in Ontario, Canada, part-time (evenings and weekends) while working a 60 hour work week in sales and territory management. He got his start in online marketing in 2000 when he became the Director of eBusiness at ADESA Inc. (now KAR on the NYSE). He served ADESA from 2000 to 2007, playing a key role in the delivery of multi-million dollar platforms like Toyota and Lexus Dealer Direct, GMAC SmartAuction (Canada), ADESA’s DealerBlock and LiveBlock systems, and ADESA Market Guide. During his tenure, he also assisted in the selection, configuration and delivery of 500 saleforce.com CRM “seats”. He understands how to decipher the language and power of “IT” to turn it into marketing and sales prowess for businesses, business leaders and owners regardless of their industry.

In 2007, he founded The Web Guys, a digital marketing agency located in Carmel, Indiana. The Web Guys serves companies with web design and through a multitude of digital marketing services. The company continues to succeed due to its loyal customers and wonderful employees. Its employees daily commitment and core belief in client service is key.

Every business gets sold, at one time or another. Whether it is sold to a friend, daughter, son, employee, competitor or to a firm like DMS, businesses are bought and sold every day. Have you ever considered selling?

Have you ever considered selling your Business?

Our Acquisition Criteria

DMS is interested in acquiring digital marketing companies of all kinds.

Generalists or Specialists
Local or National Focused
Very Niche or Broad Vertical Focused
5 + Years in Business

5 + Years in

Profitable, 200K+ Annually

200K+ Annually

100+ Clients


Monthly Reoccurring Revenue


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